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Meet the Five Step Leadership Team


Five Step Leadership is a small business focused on building exceptional environments. We aim to bring unconventional leadership to the world! Instead of focusing on old position-oriented leadership methods, we offer influential leadership, relationship-building people skills, Certified John Maxwell material, and military leadership experience.


Who we work with:

  • Individual Leaders Looking To Make A Difference In The World.
  • Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.
  • Military units & Veteran Organizations.



About Sherice


Sherice Kral  is a Certified John Maxwell Leadership coach, international keynote speaker, and trainer. She started her leadership development journey in 2008 with the U.S. Army and quickly rose through the ranks.

As a UH-60 Blackhawk mechanic and Crew Chief, she was in Air Assault units that transported U.S. and German Special Forces teams.  Before the ending of her 10- year career, Sherice was able to travel the world, make unique friendships, and personally lead over 200 soldiers.

In 2010, Sherice began her leadership coaching company through the mentorship from two of Inc. Magazine's Top 50 Leadership Experts in the World and now mentors directly with John Maxwell, the #1 Leadership expert in the world.

In her company, Sherice has worked with multiple Fortune 500 Companies and the U.S. Military but has found her passion delivering value for small businesses across the globe.

Sherice now focuses on her 3 companies in; Leadership development, small business strategy, and life coaching. In addition, Sherice serves her network as an executive board member on the Coaches Club within the American Club Association and sits as general manager/owner of a chapter in Louisville.


Education and Continued Studies:

After leaving her formal education with the Harvard Business School Online, Sherice continually applies herself in learning atmospheres to help her leadership clients. Currently, she is studying through the Robbins Madanes Training Center to become a Certified Life Coach using the Strategic Intervention Method. She hopes to help her leaders break through childhood traumas, limiting beliefs and more, using these psychotherapy and NLP strategies.

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John Maxwell Certified

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John Maxwell Workshops

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Join 7 or 8 other people as we work through certified coursework that is created to spark engagement and learning! These workshops run once a week for one hour, and are between 5-10 weeks long.

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The purpose of this course is to provide the advanced writing techniques commonly used for inspiring readers and …

20 Lessons

The purpose of this course is to provide the advanced writing techniques commonly used for inspiring readers and …

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