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The Most Destructive Mistake Leaders Make Today

"Leadership is Influence. Nothing more, nothing less." - John C. Maxwell


You can see leadership everywhere in your life.
You influence people in your relationships, at work, with your volleyball team, etc.
Believe it or not, you even influence the cashier at your local grocery store checkout line. Little moments like these, are where you can make the biggest impact in someone's life, if you choose to.
How you interact with everyone around you, influences them in a positive or negative way. That is leadership. You make the choice of whether to react to others, or influence others by what you say to them in those instances. Most people walk through life, reacting to everything. You wait for someone else to take charge and influence you, instead of the other way around.
These moments are what makes or breaks a leader. The biggest mistake that I see leaders make, is when they don't use these moments. Or even worse, they use these moments to try and push their own importance and power onto others. In these moments, leaders have the opportunity to guide people and create value in them. That is the key to leadership.
Managers, ignore these moments. They are meaningless to them. There is nothing wrong with this. A manager's job is to ensure that systems are completed according to regulations. This includes what employees need to do each day, and how to discipline them if they don't. Management does not need leadership to complete it's tasks. Though, leaders in management positions can create great teams.
Bad leaders, don't ignore the little moments. They use the moments to build their own power. To manipulate others into being pawns in his or her own journey to greatness. People like Napoleon Bonaparte, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler. These men use the little moments to create negative power.
Great leaders, use the little moments to create more leaders. They focus on what is best for that person. They influence the cashier to make in impact in their day to make it better. Great leaders know how to use these moments to get others to think about their own greatness. Not that of the leader.
When you run errands tomorrow, or walk into work, how will you start thinking of these little moments? Will you waste them by letting others take charge and guiding the conversation? Reacting to what they're emotions dictate? Or, will you use the little moments in your day, to make someone smile? To help someone with a challenge that they express to you?
What kind of leader will you be tomorrow?

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