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Are You Making These Leadership Mistakes With Your Team?

If you run a business where you don't trust your employees, you'll see some key indicators. There will be drama, overturn, you'll even go as far as watching the security cameras to "make sure they're doing the right thing".

Then I can promise you, that your employees don't trust you either. Which means they won't tell you what they're thinking or feeling unless it's in the form of complaining or quitting.

If you have this type of environment, and you want to grow, you are shooting yourself in the foot if you thinking that all of those distractions won't get in the way of that growth.

Examples of this are:
- Having to re-train people constantly
- Your team won't want to perform at their potential, so daily work and results aren't the best they can be.
- Employees' focus will be on negative workplace issues instead of noticing what can move the business ahead in their position.
- There will be little or no loyalty.
- Your employees would never work or help you for free.
- Customers will not be treated as well as they could be, so retention rates will be lower than the potential.

When you have a workplace like this, you are not leader. I don't care how many people you've hired, they are not following you. They are following the money and the necessity for living. As soon as something better comes along, they will leave as quickly as possible and mention how horrible it was working there for life.
There's a quote that says, 

“If you think you're leading, but no one is following, then you are only taking a walk.” - John Maxwell.

Ask yourself, would my team have the loyalty and influence from me to stay if I couldn't pay them for a month? A week?

Are they here because they like working here?

I encourage you to do an environment assessment on a monthly or quarterly basis. If you don't have the trust of your team, then ask someone who everyone trusts, to create an anonymous mood survey. Send out the link via text each time you need to assess your environment and then look at the total %.

Are they happy?
Are they excited to come to work each day?
Do they feel you have the best in mind for them?
Do they feel someone thing is missing?

If you aren't getting regular feedback from your employees, or involving them in decisions for the company, you will never get them on your side. And you will never be a leader in that environment. 


I would love to hear your thoughts on this blog and let me know if you offer regular environment assessments within your workspace or not.

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